Genuine vs. Authentic

After two years using Twitter I had my first critic this last week. He said “after one day of following you I am already sick of what you say”. It got me thinking and he was right. Although I was being genuine about that i was tweeting I wasn’t being authentic so my messaging didn’t resonate with him specifically. A great example of this is the “Antiques Road Show”.

 There is always some item that is brought in and evaluated by one of the antique experts and they use phrases like “this is a genuine artifact” or this is a “Genuine period piece”. However, just because something is old, doesn’t mean it is authentic and or worth anything. The antique experts will often say this is a replica or a reproduction that invalidates it authenticity.

Genuine is a term that is often used in many marketing products but that doesn’t necessarily make the product authentic. So the way I see the difference is being authentic has value and genuine, although real, may not be valuable to either you or your audience.


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