In Social Media: Everyone is an Expert, Right?

Recently, I attended a webinar from delivered by an acquaintance. He happens to be a pretty well known marketing expert, has written several books on social media marketing and it was quite possibly the worst hour I have ever spent. It was terribly run, the so called webinar experts could only use buzz words like “be genuine”, “build a plan”, “content is king”, “build a community” but could not provide one example of how to start this process or how to make it a success. I have attended many seminars and webinars on how to use Social Media marketing over the years and here is what I know. None of the experts or consultants or at least very few have actually done it or put their theories to test. 

This is what prompted me to create this blog. Over the last several years I have built maintained, managed and or administered user groups, blogs, forums, twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts and have had good success. The first thing you need to do is be realistic. It is highly unlikely that you can whip out your flip video and create a video that goes viral over night. These things take time and the best thing you can do to create a social media marketing program is to get started. I am not short on opinions when it comes to how to use social media and will share as much of my experience on how to build, create, manage, market and grow a social media marketing team and community. And most importantly how to use these platforms to support and compliment your existing and more traditional marketing programs.

Now this being said there are some very well qualified individuals who can help you better understand how to use social media and I have some of them linked on my blog roll. But just beware of the so called self proclaimed experts. As you do your research you will find who can help you and those that are nothing more than talking heads.


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