Search Engine Optimization Formula

When I first started managing our corporate SEO program I had no idea what SEO even meant. So, I listened and got up to speed fast and quickly realized it isn’t “rocket surgery” a favorite expression from my web master. And it isn’t. Actually it is quite simple and breaks down to a simple formula. The goal of SEO is to create leads and convert those leads to revenue. So, how do you do this? Easy.

You have to work backwards, in order to get leads you have to get visitors. In order to get visitors you have to rank high in search queries. And to rank high in search you have to have well optimized and compelling content. So, here is the formula.

Content + Search + Visits + Conversions = Revenue

So, how do you get started? Start with good strategic keyword research. This could take upwards of six weeks to review, revise and identify your top targeted 15-20 performing keywords but will be the foundation creating your content.


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