Determining Website Chat Lead Quality

Obviously, any management team will always welcome a 30% jump in anything but if it is a 30% increase in something negative then it is less impressive. So the next step to measuring the effectiveness of your online website chat campaign or any marketing campaign is to determine the quality of the lead.

The great thing about chat is that in order to start the chat you have to give up key information that is sometimes hard to come by for other website conversions. The way to measure the quality of the lead is determine if that lead turned into an opportunity and most importantly a sale.

With online chat you can actually expect 60-80% of the leads to be either A and or B leads and the rest of the leads can be included into nurture programs for follow up. Many chats started are inquiry looking for information but a great way to build your opt-in marketing database as you are able to capture website visitors that may not necessarily convert on either free trials or other whitepaper offers.


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