How to use Augmented Reality

I had a great discussion with a company out of Boston called Genuine Interactive this last week and we debated the effectiveness and or purpose of using augmented reality for marketing. Augmented reality is really a technology that hasn’t been fully tapped into yet and has a tremendous upside potential if used properly.

One thing that I know is how not to use it and Hallmark cards recently release a program that did it all wrong. A co-worker brought in the Hallmark augmented reality demo, knowing I was researching this technology and so I checked it out. The problem was either Hallmark wanted to measure the campaign of had some really bad advice from their developers but it required you to download an application before you could ever see the “AR” message.

Lesson number #1: if you want people to check something out, do NOT have them download and install and application. As technical users we have very short attention spans and if we can hold up and image and get instant gratification we will lose interest and move on to whatever is next.

 I will follow up with a webcam video of the program in a future article but I almost didn’t bother with the demo because of the requirement to download and install and application.


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