Search Engines Strategies SESNY2010 Recap Day 1

I’m attending the Search Engine Strategies Conference in NYC this week and here is an update from day 1. You can follow the session tweets using #SESNY. I would be doing some live blogging but the network connection is flakey at best. This is a large conference with a ton of attendees. Many are from search firm agencies but there are a few businesses as well.


I missed the opening remarks from David Merriman Scott this morning but caught several great sessions. The format is great; every session I have attended so far has a panel for a variety of opinions.

10:45 Session Search: Where to Next?

The first panel included experts from Bing and Yahoo and discussed most about the evolution of universal search and how search would continue to evolve to incorporate real-time and social search results. SEO already has moved to adopting much of this and most SEO managers realize that optimizing the webtext, meta data and keywords is not longer enough. To take advantages of true SEO optimization there needs to be a concentrated effort to optimize images, videos, tweets, usergroups and any other social media platforms.

12:45 Managing a Global SEO Campaign

This was an ok session but it didn’t quite answer my question regarding how to rank in foreign countries for localized searches without having a physical webserver located in that country. Basically, you don’t. But the good news is localized searches only account for 10% of the volume and searches for specific localized webpages is 15%. The best thing to do is to supplement the lack of the localized search with a strong PPC campaign which works well.

2:00pm Search Marketing: Analyze This

This was a really entertaining panel that had some great and humorous opinions regarding the future of search marketing and the challenges it faces evolving to the next generation. Jonathon Blum of Blumsday had the best line when speaking of mobile application marketing and said “ITunes is a slow and clumsy application”… Apple does many things well but I would have to agree that ITunes does have its problems.

3:30pm Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers

I hate to be negative but was a waste of my time. Guess what is meaningful… right measuring ROI. Nothing was really discussed regarding how to measure ROI for SEO or SEM and I’ll address that in a future article. Basically, it starts with tracking the campaigns with ?e1 codes and making sure that code remains with the lead through opportunity until it becomes closed revenue and can be reported.

4:45 Augmented Reality: It’s a Brace New World

This was interesting as I am in progress of my own augmented reality project at this time and didn’t really think of the mobile options. Sure I have seen the constellation app on the droid and the other geolocation mapping AR but hadn’t really thought about using mobile readers like Microsoft Tag as being the platform to activate the AR project. Augmented reality is still looking for its rightful place for true marketing but the potential is huge and opportunity a plenty. I have my own ideas on how to use AR for marketing but have even more now… I still need to right about how Hallmark did it wrong and really wasted money but maybe I can include some successes I like as well like the GE windmills. Stay tuned for that as well as my own AR launch before June 2010.

I will come back with more exciting SEO news tomorrow.


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