#SESNY Day 2 – Tools, Tools and More Tools

So, here is the Day 2 Recap from Search Engine Strategies Conference.

The Morning Keynote with Avinash Kaushik, was extremely entertaining as well as informative. Trying to find out where I can pick up a copy of his book “Web Analytics”. In addition to be humorous, Avinash is very well informed and opinionated regarding what needs to happen to measure, monitor and improve SEO statistics.

The first session was tough to find really good technical information. I kept jumping from session to session to try to find a panel that wasn’t just talking social media 101. It appears that many have yet to adopt social media for supporting SEO search which amazed me that people are still asking “why or how do I incorporate social media”. a few of us had mentioned Radian6 as a pretty good social media monitoring tool and surprised they aren’t here at the show. They would be a good fit for this event given the volume of tweople looking for this info. Ironiciall, becuase I had tweeted about Radian6, one of their conversation monitors tweeted me back and I was able to make an introduction to others sho were looking for more about them. You have to love the power of social media monitoring.

The automatting twitter session was pretty good and several tools were introduces as well as best practices to avoid having Twitter block or remove your tweets from being searched. Several of these I already use like twitterfeed.hootsuite, but then there were others I hadn’t heard of like Tumblr, social mention and scoutlabs. I’ll have to check these out to see if they can help stream more content via twitter.

The Behavioral Target Maketing session was informative but again was pretty high level and didn’t get down to far into the technical weeds. I hope to be able to speak to Madison Logic and Clickz today to follow up with more details.  Some of the products or companies that were mentioned were BlueKai, exelat, Audience science, Turn and others. One stat as that B2b in combination with Social Media marketing will grow by 21% per year through 2013.

SEO Tools: – This was a packed session and standing room only but definitely delivered on what I would expect. All the panel speakers shared their favorite SEO tools they use and or have developed as well as provided resources to create your own measurement. Some of the favorite tools mentions were Python, Google code, Majestic SEO, Raven and Bruce Clay shared his portal for free SEO tools @ www.seotools.com

It was a long day yesterday and tough to process all the information but definitely informative. Stay tuned for more updates from the #SESNY show.


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