Augmented Reality: Step 1

I had forgot that I had filmed this last year and thought the blank stares of my co-workers was actually pretty funny when I was explaining to them the concept of augmented reality and how it could be used for marketing. So, the first step to starting an augmented reality project is explaining to your co-workers what exactly it is so they don’t think you are crazy.

This video is a little dark so you will have to trust me that the looks on their faces as I walked through this examples was quite comical. The example I used which I think is the most popular AR piece on the web was the GE wind turbines smartgrid

Once we got beyond the explanation you can see how everyone reached the “Ah Ha” moment and the gears started turning. What happened next was a series of discussions and what I think will be taking augmented reality to the next level…

Stay tuned for more and the making of “El Goocho”


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