Filming Augmented Reality

This was well into our augmented reality project but thought it was interesting how AR is filmed. Basically augmented reality is filmed on what are called planes. The video is filmed on a green screen on one plane and the augmented reality animation is overlayed on a seperate plane which is what provides that 3 dimensional look.

When the augmented reality marker is rotated the planes act independently of each other rotating one while the other remains stagnent. Obviously this isn’t the first or even second step of an augmented reality project.

First step I consider expalining the concept to your co-workers so they don’t think you are crazy. The second step is brainstorming the concept and then the third and hardest part is writing the scripts. Actually, the first step is knowing your target audience so you don’t produce something that isn’t going to resonate with you are trying to connect.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of “The Making of El Goocho”


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