Twitter #Fail #Whale and the cloud computing relationship

 If you are a fellow twit like me then you know the infamous fail whale but I bet you wonder how this is related to cloud computing? Twitter, like Google, Facebook, Myspace, etc… are all examples of the cloud computing platform Software as a Service. This basically means that you don’t care where the application or servers are running from. They could be located next door, in New York City or Hong Kong. All you care is that the service is available to use when you want to use it and obviously when you get the #Fail #whale the service is not usable. 

This makes me wonder what is causing the fail whale at the primary data center. A cloud computing data center is nothing more than a bunch of virtual servers all linked together so they can share processing, memory and resource pools to provide high availability for critical application servers. However, should there be an issue with the primary virtual host server then there is something called Vmotion which moves the virtual machine resources from one machine to another where there are more resources available. This could very well be the reason for the fail whale message as the server that is trying to serve up the requests isn’t able to process those at the same time as it is trying to move the virtual machine to another virtual host… it is curious if this is the issue and wonder what that means for other companies and or services looking to use the cloud as their preferred platform. 

What are your thoughts on the cause of the fail whale is it the cloud or just too many twits?


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