Do Challenges Equal Frustration or Satisfaction?

I recently read “The Art of Happiness at Work” by the Dali Lama and psychologist Howard Cutler and one of the chapters discusses challenges in the workplace and made me think about the necessity of challenges to avoid  from becoming board. Now there are many types of challenges one which the Dali Lama references as confronting a “mad dog” which isn’t exactly the type of challenge we are looking for and is likely best to run away. However, the type of challenge that excites most of us is the challenge of solving problems, puzzles and or creating solutions to complex situation. These can often lead to frustration but are also the driving force for that feeling of satisfaction to solving the problem. There is a certain pleasure but completing something that poses a challenge. I often create lists of tasks just to receive the satisfaction of crossing the item off as being complete. These are the types of challenges that make what we do interesting and drive our passion for delivering a successful web strategy or viral social media marketing plan.

“I don’t think you can categorically say that challenging work is better or unchallenging work is better… It just depends on the person.” – His Holiness The Dali Lama

The point is if you are willing to embrace the challenge and all the frustration that may be associated with it, the satisfaction of conquering the challenge is more rewarding than avoiding the challenge all together.


2 Responses to Do Challenges Equal Frustration or Satisfaction?

  1. I also have a “to do” list of items and check them off as completed. Each week I carry over (re-write) any of the items that were not addressed the week before.

    At the Microsoft WPC this month I attended a presentation by David Allen. He spoke of not just making that list of a few words but the action items that coincide with the activity to cross them off of the list all together. This was a pretty big take away for me. I cross things off typically to only add other steps (challenges to the project) the next day.

    Challenges inspire us, carry us forward and keep our minds fresh. Can’t imagine a day at the office where challenge and achievement of goals set were not front and center in my mind =)

    Bring it on so we can make it happen… That is what I like to say!


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