5 Tips on How to do B2B Social Media Marketing

[tweetmeme source= “brennels” only_single=false]This last week I had the opportunity to meet with many interesting companies and they all asked me the same thing. “How did you do B2B social media marketing?” like it was some type of unattainable achievement. It isn’t as difficult as you think and really not any different than B2C marketing just requires a little more persistence. Over the years I have attended many social media marketing webinars by people who have no idea what to do either but here they are spewing their BS about how you need to be “authentic”, “Genuine” or any other social buzz word they can think of.

I however, will not waste your time with theoretical activities with no guidance on how to get started. So, here is what you do:

1.) Just Do It! – you can’t get started unless you start and don’t worry about making mistakes.

2.) Selling the E-Team – most likely your executive team doesn’t get it but it is your job to explain the benefit. They will want ROI but you need to communicate that this is brand marketing and generating a loyal following of customers will ultimately turn into revenue. Create a few guidelines for social media engagement and then present it to the entire company once it has been signed off by HR and the E-team. Like anything it takes time but executives are realizing they need to be engaged but just don’t understand. Make it your mission to make them understand or at the very least give you the green light to move forward.

3.) Don’t get frustrated – It will take you 8-10 months of providing daily or weekly content to a blog or usergroup community before it finally starts to catch on and grow organically. So, stick with it and don’t give up.

4.) It is complimentary – B2B social media marketing supplements your existing marketing activities to get your entire marketing team involved and use them to help promote your communities on webinars, PR releases, seminars and events. This will help grow your following.

5.) Identify your rockstars – Every company has them and it will feed their ego if you ask them to help write an article or be featured on one of your social sites. Gather a few 3-5 experts in different areas and then coordinate monthly social media content meetings to review what they are hearing from customers, key trends or technical developments and use that to outline topics for content creation. Then get them to help you create the content.

These are just a few items that I did to help get our B2B social media marketing program off the ground 4 years ago but we turned in into one of the most recognizable brand names in the disaster recovery industry.

So, what are you waiting for jump in a get going. Feel free to comment and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about how I did this and more.


About bracerennels
Retired from corporate. Previous experience assisting companies implement disruptive engagement marketing strategies to evolve community, collaboration and corporate communications. Provide strategic and executive leadership to transform traditional marketing programs into modern social engagement and improved customer experience. Currently scheduled to speak at the Argyle Executive Forum NYC Nov 5th and will entertain other speaking, advisory or consulting opportunities as time allows.

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