How to Increase Webinar Attendance with Video

[tweetmeme source= “brennels” only_single=false]After writing my previous post “How to Increase SEO using Video” I realized that video can be used in all areas of marketing to help increase visibility, attendance and awareness. One of the best examples I used this was incorporating video into e-marketing and more specifically, webinar invitations. There are some great statistics and I was able to verify these via Google and Omniture analytics as well as A/B testing that twice as many people will click on a video than they will a hyperlink or text. The truth is no one wants to read so how do get your message across to your target audience? The answer is video.

In one example we were trying to come up with ideas on how to generate more interest in our webinar program so we decided to include a 15 second video of the webinar speaker outlining what he would attendees would here about and learn from attending the webinar. The results were ground breaking. We received somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 registrants and over 1500 actual attendees. The Video invitation worked and it worked well. In combination to this we maximized our efforts and posted the video on any social sites, optimized with SEO keyword descriptions and a link back to the registration page for attending the webinar.

What this accomplished was two fold. One, our audience was more interested because the speaker was actually speaking to them to invite them to the webinar versus just a text e-mail. Second, by posting that webinar video invite on all our social media sites we were able to generate interest outside of our customer database and acquire new customer contacts.

I still haven’t seen many companies do this today and am surprised they haven’t put 2 and 2 together. This just goes back to my never ending theme; Social Media is critical to complimenting your traditional marketing programs so don’t limit yourself to just a single social media outlet. Use all social media platforms available to spread your message and watch how it helps build your community and fan base.


About bracerennels
Retired from corporate. Previous experience assisting companies implement disruptive engagement marketing strategies to evolve community, collaboration and corporate communications. Provide strategic and executive leadership to transform traditional marketing programs into modern social engagement and improved customer experience. Currently scheduled to speak at the Argyle Executive Forum NYC Nov 5th and will entertain other speaking, advisory or consulting opportunities as time allows.

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