The Power of We: Social Media Helps Liberate Egypt, now Iran

[tweetmeme source= “brennels” only_single=false]My initial thoughts were can one man make a difference and apparently the answer is yes. And the power of many can change and entire nation. Wael Ghonim, is Google’s head of Marketing for the Middle East, and is thought to be the first to create the Facebook fan page organizing the January 25th protests which led to the liberation of Egypt. The most fascinating thing about this story is the role social media has played in the revolution of Egypt but also Tunisia and potentially other countries. In addition to the social network sites mobile devices were just as responsible for helping coordinate and organize the millions of protesters in Tahrir Square.

Now Facebook is at it again only with the Iran revolution. I don’t know if this is what Mark Zuckerberg had in mind but it is certainly changing the world as we know it. The people of Iran are now protesting behind a new Facebook fanpage called  25 bahman. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out and hopefully as peacefully as Egypt did.


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