Raising Social Media Marketing in a Social City

I had the privilege to support Social City at EMCWorld this year and was absolutely amazed at the coordinated effort to raise awareness that most companies only dream about. It didn’t happy by accident, it took some experienced marketers, technologists, social media experts, strategy and leadership to pull together one of the most impressive social media campaigns I have seen. So what is Social City? It is a lounge that attracts exclusive live bloggers, full community network support and education, live video streaming to ECN, tweetups, meetups, and social sites simultaneously streaming event conversations.

Marketing’s primary goal is to generate sales leads, but about five years ago we began to change how drive lead generation. Companies began trimming budgets for traditional marketing campaigns like direct mail and events and started putting energy into creating content to start conversations.  This allowed company employees to connect directly with customers, partners and prospects. The age of Social Media Marketing skyrocketed as sales and marketing teams began to realize that it was easier to sell where connections were made and relationships already established online. And EMC’s Social City was the center of this personal meetup activity at EMCWorld.

The picture Below  and to the right are examples of some of the dozen intimate meetups that were coordinated with customers, MVP’s, technical evangelists and several executives. This access to EMC knowledge experts is not only appreciated by over 8000 customers in attendance, but  is expected in the age of social media.

If you have supported these type of events, you  know there are long days on your feet, and you have to play your “A” game all the time. You’re building relationships and educating attendees, analysts and partners, showing them how to find valuable content and helping them to engage in limitless conversations on many of the social communities.

But the glory and benefit of those long days and sleepless nights working the Social City was helping to build relationships with people whom you have never met.

All of  those tweets, blog posts, press releases and video streaming generated some serious content and opportunity for attendees, non-attendees, and prospects to engage in relevant conversations that will accelerate their journey through  building trusted relationships.


About bracerennels
Retired from corporate. Previous experience assisting companies implement disruptive engagement marketing strategies to evolve community, collaboration and corporate communications. Provide strategic and executive leadership to transform traditional marketing programs into modern social engagement and improved customer experience. Currently scheduled to speak at the Argyle Executive Forum NYC Nov 5th and will entertain other speaking, advisory or consulting opportunities as time allows.

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