Good Content is Still King!

So I didn’t write, post or tweet a blog post for over two months and I still have consistent visitors reading my blog every day. Why is that? Because there is something out there that is still relevant and of interest to those who are looking for it. Content doesn’t necessarily have to be streamed in real time but it does have to be beneficial and it doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about SEO and how to associate some strategic keywords to your content as well.

The phrase “Content is King” is completely over used and makes me sick even writing it down but it is still true and more importantly relevant. When it comes down to it we all have short attention span living in an instant gratification world and really just want to find what we are looking for. If you can’t find it then it isn’t relevant. So, providing relevant content quickly is a real benefit to the users who are looking for that specific topic. So, do them and yourself a favor and make it available.


About bracerennels
Retired from corporate. Previous experience assisting companies implement disruptive engagement marketing strategies to evolve community, collaboration and corporate communications. Provide strategic and executive leadership to transform traditional marketing programs into modern social engagement and improved customer experience. Currently scheduled to speak at the Argyle Executive Forum NYC Nov 5th and will entertain other speaking, advisory or consulting opportunities as time allows.

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