Amy’s Baking Company: Social Media Disaster or Pure Marketing Genius?

So is the old saying true “even bad press is good press”? If you haven’t seen the latest viral social media meltdown from Amy’s Baking Company it is nothing short of entertaining like watching a train wreck. Clearly all the buzz in the #SocMed industry is what not to do when dealing with critics but I have a slightly different point of view. Is this a disaster or pure marketing genius. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to visit and get insulted and kind of reminds me of the “Seinfeld: Soup Nazi” episode.

Clearly, this is not the way to treat your customers but imagine if this was all on purpose and or staged much like many of the viral videos are now on the intranet. If this is all an act then it is pure marketing genius as they now have more than 86,000 likes on their Facebook page and wouldn’t doubt if their business has increased since this meltdown began last week. Interesting as I just now check they are claiming that their Facebook page was hacked, which is entirely possible but again how convenient to be able to create such a buzz and then deny and remove any posts that supposedly occurred.

Obviously, I don’t advocate for cursing your customers but you have to admit that being a little edgy has it’s appeal. The Dollar Shave Club did this brilliantly without offending any potential or existing customers

I created a series of augmented reality videos that was a spoof on “Nacho Libre” about 5 years ago and some narrow minded pinhead in our company said they were offended and it was shut down by legal after 800 views in 4 hours… I’m tempted to resurrect it out of spite as I think it was pure marketing genius. As it becomes harder to tell what is real and what is staged anymore on the internet it will be interesting to see if this type of colossal disaster becomes normal for social media marketing and then have the convenience of plausible deniability and blame it on the hackers…

what are your thoughts?


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Retired from corporate. Previous experience assisting companies implement disruptive engagement marketing strategies to evolve community, collaboration and corporate communications. Provide strategic and executive leadership to transform traditional marketing programs into modern social engagement and improved customer experience. Currently scheduled to speak at the Argyle Executive Forum NYC Nov 5th and will entertain other speaking, advisory or consulting opportunities as time allows.

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