Dear Mr. Kraft – NFL Tax Exemption, China Apparel.. Really?

Dear Mr. Kraft and entire New England Patriots Organization,

All my wife wanted for Christmas was a Kevin Faulk Jersey. She taught Mr. Faulks children while he was a New England Patriot and was sad to see them move back to Louisiana and I thought this would make a great gift. So, I went to the New England Patriots Proshop to purchase the jersey but because Kevin wasn’t an active player the jerseys weren’t available. With a little help from Google I found what appeared to be an NFL New England Patriots sponsored apparel website

They had the jersey and with in a few simple clicks the $104.35 was deducted from my bank account and received a email notice for 1 Youth Nike New England Patriots 33 Kevin Faulk Game Jersey White. At the time I didn’t pay much attention who was listed in the to the Pay To: but quickly become apparent.

Pay To: 
Date / Time:   2013-12-08 21:58:36
Amount:          103.98 USD
Card Number: ****************
TxnID:             **********************149

Then the next day I received an email that the Kevin Faulk Jersey was not in stock and did I want a #12 or #87 but this time the email wasn’t from it was and that they confirmed they would cancel the order on Dec 9th, 2013 and issue a credit. What happened to that I thought I was doing business with?

So, in order to try to get a Kevin Faulk Jersey by Christmas I found another well branded NFL and New England Patriots apparel site named “The Official Patriots Authentic Pro Store” and once again placed my order. This company didn’t charge my credit card immediately like the other online store but did inform me that it would need 7-9 days to customize the Jersey and it would ship as soon as possible. This contact came from and I wondered again what happened to “The Official Patriots Authentic Pro Store” I thought I was doing business with. That was December 10th, 2013.

In January they finally said it shipped and provided a tracking number. After about 3 weeks I looked at the tracking status and it said that it had made it to Shanghai Customs. And that was as far as it got. Helen at “The Official Patriots Authentic Pro Store” or said that they could ship another if I like. And all of this made me wonder exactly why is the NFL tax exempt again?

I knew congress was debating the current NFL tax exempt status “Sweeping Tax Reform Proposal Would End Tax-Exempt Status Of Pro Sports” and can’t see why NFL deserves any exemption while your fans struggle with deceptively NFL branded apparel websites. After this experience I felt the need to share this story and point out to my local congressional representatives so they could see how the NFL tax exemption is being used. It certainly doesn’t appear you are using it to create jobs here in the United States.

This isn’t a topic I normally write about but is something I thought a little exposure and social media might help me resolve. I love the New England Patriots and the organization as much as my wife loved teaching Kevin Faulks children but this entire experience has been shameful and an embarrassment to the brand you have built.

I would appreciate any help you could provide, however, I fully expect to  to work with the China apparel support folks to get these issues resolved and either get credit for the jersey that was never delivered or at least get the Kevin Faulk Jersey I ordered. One thing I can say for sure is I will NEVER order another NFL product online ever and hope this at least with help others from making the same mistake I did.

As you can guess Christmas wasn’t as special this year. There is a big difference of opening a present that contains the jersey of your favorite player and the reality of opening a box with an IOU in it. And the other reality of the situation is that I will likely never get a credit refund or the Jersey for my wife.



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