Gamification for Communities

A few weeks ago we integrated the Badgeville gamification engine into our Jive community to recognize, award and motivate our community members for their participation. We launched project R.A.M.P official this week and our largest event in Las Vegas… So far the results have been nothing short of outstanding. The interest and excitement from our members to participate in the defined missions far exceeded my expectations. I haven’t had a chance to deep dive into the data analytics just yet but preliminary results suggest more members are interested in completing and viewing the profile as well as an increase of 25% in reply to discussions. I am a firm believer that social media and community programs are complimentary to existing traditional marketing programs. So, when we decided to launch rewards and recognition at our event it not only created an excitement for those attending the event it provided a renewed interest for engagement. 

It is a simple concept to recognize those who contribute the most and adding a leader board which features those members as the most active contributors seems to be a big kudos the our community members. However, the most intreguing result has been the outreach of our community members suggesting missions and actions that they would like to participate. Many of these comments have helped us define our Elite Program to engage our most active contributors. They have requested everything from speding a week in our development labs, to getting access to product engineers as well as roadmaps. This is exactly what technical community engineers and professionals want and what most companies would love to have. A passionate and experienced customer base to help innovate better products. When I launched communities five years ago the primary purpose was to connect our customer base with our product management teams for real-time product evaluation and feedback throughout the developement cycle. This agile methodology not only allows our customers to feel more engaged and responsible for the products they are implementing but also help innovate better features for product releases.


Stay tuned for more as I continue to monitor the progress and have a chance to provide some in depth metrics from our results.