How To Secure Executive Support and Commitment

Much of your success and or progress will be dependent on the level of executive support you have for your strategy. If you are reading this then you are likely in the same position I was many times where I had a directive but limited resources and budget to execute. Executive sponsorship will provide three items that will be critical to your success but you may not have it in the beginning. Executives will help find funding for the project, will help prioritize resources to build your team and most importantly provide air cover from all the noise and politics you may run into. And believe me you will run into many obstacles along the way and ironically it will be from the same people who you need to work with to ensure the companies success.

Here are three items you can start with to help secure the level of executive commitment you require.

  1. Create and Tell a Compelling Story
  2. Show The Value with Statistical Data and ROI
  3. Just Do it! Get started and make progress

Being able to do all three will certainly get you the attention you need but isn’t necessary. Evaluate what you have and start with what you can do. Keep it simple and keep working toward completing all three. It may take 6, 12, or even 18 months to secure the executive level of commitment you desire so persistence and dedication will be instrumental in keeping you moving forward.